David Aughenbaugh
Stereo Nuke Compositor
Editor - Motion Graphics
Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Maya
Final Cut Pro, Silhouette


Some demo reels:
Bedtime Stories
more Compositing
MoGraph & Commercial--
Keen, Ebay, Delo, Samsung, Pacific Digital reel
Digital Paint
Ghostbusters game
2.5D Pre-vis in AE
how to build a big bunny

Here is a technical idea I have been knocking around
Frequency-based Channel Separations

and for fun...
some Spiff
some fun with Stop Motion-- Foxbrook and the Dynamite
Little Robin, Building a Tractor
my friend Phil the Security Guard,
lightning photography,
wisdom from Walter Cronkite,
and some of my "music"

email: foggybog@gmail.com

Compositing resume: augh_comp_resume.pdf

Motion Graphics resume: augh_mograph_resume.pdf

looking for Hoppity Hooper, the famous frog from Foggybog, Wisconsin?