A Portfolio for Nuke Compositing, Stereo VR and Stop Motion Animation

IMDb page • Recent stereo VR project “Pearl” for Google Spotlight Stories • Recent projects for JauntVR The North Face: Nepal and Honor Everywhere 360

and Some Demo Reels:plane_1b
Megamind • Bedtime Stories • more Compositing

MoGraph & Commercial
Keen • Ebay • Delo • Samsung • Pacific Digital reel

Ghostbusters game • 2.5D Pre-vis in AE • Mythbusters • how to build a big bunny

Here is a technical idea I have been knocking around
Frequency-based Channel Separations

and for fun…
some Spiff
some fun with Stop Motion–Foxbrook and the Dynamite
Little Robin, Building a Tractor
my friend Phil the Security Guard

Some Real-world grunge texture reference

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